Small Business Saturday: Seven Unique Ways to Be a Localist Gift Giver


November 24, 2013

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Seven Unique Ways to Be a Localist Gift Giver

#1. Purchase tickets/membership/sponsorship in a local arts & culture non-profit for someone you love! Whether their interest is theater, art, music, history or comedy…there is an organization to fit.

#2. Give the gift of local food! Sign your family or loved one up for a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for the coming season. How cool is a plentiful, weekly basket of fresh veggies from local growers that take pride in their products? Friends and family will not only love the food, they’ll love knowing where it comes from.

#3. Treat your whole family to the gift of enduring memories with the opportunity to produce a personal history video or portrait from a local videographer or photographer! Hire a local writer to help a loved one write a memoir! The sense of satisfaction in creating a personal history, a portrait or a memoir will be a cherished experience and a lasting family heirloom.

#4.  Support local artisans by purchasing handmade, locally-sourced items and sharing their stories with your friends and family. Knowing these products are made by neighbors and friends is a priceless added value for the gifts given.

#5.  Invest in the local community by donating to a local cause, economic development program, scholarship or philanthropy fund in honor of someone you love! What better gift than helping others in our own community?

#6. Commission a portrait from a local artist, a special piece of clothing from a seamstress, accessories from a jewelry maker! Hire a local musician or actor to perform at a family function, a party or sponsor a performance at a local nursing home, hospital or treatment facility. Or how about getting a local songwriter to create a song for someone special? Local talent abounds, imaginative ways to share it are endless!

#7. Keep your money circulating locally by giving gift cards from INDEPENDENT merchants and restaurants. Buy a downtown gift card that can be used in a wide variety of locations.

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